Follow your heart, speak your mind and become even more successful!

We know from our own experience that, as an ambitious woman who works in a man’s world, you must take additional steps to climb or even want to climb the career ladder. It is a challenge to achieve and retain a good work-life balance. Sometimes we view issues too personally and we step up our efforts. Or we use our masculinity (“one of the guys’) in such a way that we move away from ourselves more and more. If you recognise this, you are at the right place.

Our mission is to have an impact within predominantly male-dominated environments by making women aware of their own talents and qualities. In order for them to start to use it with conviction to enjoy themselves and keep this enjoyment in their balance between their work and private life and to continue to be their authentic self.

There are still quite some work environments that consists mainly of men. Take, for example, IT. In the Netherlands, 81.5% are men within this sector. (Manager online) It is striking that the higher you look in these organisations, the fewer women you meet at higher positions. The women who work there have sometimes had to conquer quite some obstacles so how do they keep on going in these men’s worlds? Some women can use some help in relation to this.

What can we do for you?

'Female empowerment' 3-day training

Becoming more aware of how you can achieve your goals based on your own strength, how you can position yourself while simply continuing being yourself and deploying cooperation with others in a far more self-aware manner.


Female empowerment for companies

Depending on what needs to be emphasized, we set up a tailor-made in-company training session or workshop that focuses on ambitious women within your organisation.

Personal 1:1 coaching

If you would prefer a more personalised support, go for 1-on-1 coaching.

Determining together your talents, learning to deploy them in a suitable manner so that you really are empowered, making your goal and how to achieve it clear and, in the meantime, remaining close to yourself.

Renate & Mirella

Our goal is to get ambitious women moving to strengthen this foundation.

We ensure you become aware of your talents and qualities but also your (limiting) convictions and patterns. We give you the tools so that you can fight your corner and can start to avoid specific pitfalls. The important issue is that you start to recognize issues and situations that you normally encounter and know that most things are under your control. The bottom line is that ultimately a balanced diversity within organisations ensures we start to respect and deploy the difference in each other’s qualities. 

This means that you can start to work together more effectively, which, in turn, leads to achieving better results within the different teams.