‘Female Empowerment’
3-day training

Are you an ambitious woman and are you having to deal with one or more of the issues below? Then this training will certainly help you.


I experience a work-life imbalance


I am (too) modest and do not assert myself sufficiently or others pass me by


I take things too personally


I do not have a clear goal that I wish to attain


I lose my authenticity and therefore move further away from my essence


I think in terms of impossibilities and I have opinions and a bias


I make assumptions but do not check them


I have thinking patterns that are not helpful


I find it difficult to deploy my vulnerability


I overcompensate to achieve my goal (significant sense of responsibility)


I am not finding profiling myself that easy yet

The following topics will be discussed during the 3-day training: 

Goals and bias

As ambitious women, we are allowed to consider what we want ourselves a lot more. What are your personal and career goals and how do you wish to achieve them? Which bias and convictions do you have which means that you do not achieve the set goals? What do you need to achieve these goals?


Ambition and support

As women, we think we are very clear when telling others about our ambition. However, unexpressed, implicit expectations are often linked to this. It happens that it is not clear and concrete at all to someone else what our expectations are. This applies to both the business environment and life in general. When issues are unclear, we may be disappointed in our (not specifically expressed) expectations. It is important in your career to get support from the home front and from at least one sponsor at work. They can help in supporting you to achieve your goal or goals.



Most women like to continue to be themselves in different roles that women have (such as a career woman, colleague, partner, mother, sister, girlfriend, etc.) and therefore clearly indicate and monitor their own boundaries. Authenticity is an important topic during this training.



There is only one chance to make a good first impression. You do, however, wish to continue to be self-aware within this context. It is essential that you decide in advance how you want to (better) present and positively profile yourself. This last issue is not yet part of the comfort zone of many women.


“Make yourself a priority once in a while. It’s not selfish. It is necessary

workshop powerful positioning

Ambitious women from different companies can use our ‘open registration‘ method to register for the 3-day training based on fixed dates. There is at least a 2-week gap in between the training days so that you can practice/experiment during the intervening weeks with what was discussed during the training. The third and last day will be concluded with an opportunity to mingle enjoying a drink and dinner.

Fee: € 1,795 per person (excl. VAT)

This includes the location, coffee, tea, and water, lunches, parking fees, the training program and materials on all three days, and drinks and dinner on the last day.
It also includes an (online) intake after registration before the training starts so that your expectations are clear and a personal evaluation after approximately a month after the training has concluded.

At least 6 and no more than 12 participants.

2023 dates:

  • September 20 – October 25 – November 20 (incl. diner) FULL
  • October 27 – November 22 – December 15 (incl. diner) FULL
  • March 8 – April 12 – Mai 31 2024 (incl. diner)

      The result

      After the ‘Female Empowerment’ training, you will be able to fight your corner in your own ‘stubborn’ way in what is mainly a male-dominated business world and you will know which tools to deploy.


      • You will learn to do things in a more self-aware manner in relation to your own career and the goals and steps needed for this.
      • You will learn what the effects of implicit communication are and how you do this with special attention to connecting.
      • You become aware that you need support both on a private and business level to achieve your goals.
      • You will discover how the game is played in different environments.
      • You know how to get insight into the different types of men and women, so you are more powerfully positioned.
      • You will learn how to better align your message with the different types that can be identified in an organisation.
      • You will learn to take issues less personally and to put them into better perspective.
      • You will discover what your core values are and will learn how to set and monitor your own limits.
      • You will learn which convictions and bias you have and which do actually work in your favour.
      • You will be given the tools to determine how you can position yourself within an organisation.