Female empowerment
for companies

Depending on what needs to be emphasised, we set up a tailor-made in-company training session or workshop that focuses on ambitious women within your organisation.

For companies that wish to hold a training session or workshop in-company for their ambitious women, we offer tailor-made solutions. We use an intake conversation to determine what the expectations and goals are with regard to the training session/workshop. Based on this input, we produce a tailor-made aligned programme.

Do you recognise that women in the organisation:

  • Are overcompensating to achieve the set goals?
  • Are being unconsciously passed over for promotion?
  • Are losing their authenticity?
  • Are being assessed differently than men in the same job?
  • Have difficulty in profiling themselves correctly within the organisation?
  • Have trouble in retaining a good work-life balance?
  • Sometimes, drop out due to this (long term)?

You will then be at the right place.

A tailor-made compiled programme with a range of practical interventions that will mean that ambitious women become more aware that they have control over most issues themselves.

Practical learning and learning through experiencing in your own working environments through interventions at three levels: behaviour, convictions, and personality. Where the translation into practice has the highest priority.

Because we are convinced that if people believe in themselves and each other and are therefore empowered, they can ensure they bring themselves and a team to a higher level. And you can learn this!

To offer the option to implement what is learned into practice and to reflect on this during a later session, we recommend taking Female Empowerment training during 2 days (or 4 half-days) as a minimum and several more days are, of course, possible. Experience has shown that this has absolute added value for successfully achieving the set training goals and the durable integration thereof.

The maximum number of participants is 12 persons.

Contact us without obligation for a suitable solution.

What can you expect?

✓ Tailor-made programme

✓ Practical and targeted

✓ 25% theory and 75% practical

✓ Learning while experiencing

✓ Active interventions at 3 levels: behaviour, convictions and personality

✓ Both offline and online

✓ IT peer mentor

✓ Personal approach