Frequently Asked Questions

What will be my results of the training?

The result of the workshop Powerful Positioning:

Becoming more aware of how you can achieve your goals based on your own strength, how you can position yourself while simply continuing being yourself and deploying cooperation with others in a far more self-aware manner. You will also be given the tools to achieve your personal goals!!

After the workshop, you will be able to fight your corner in your own ‘stubborn’ way in what is mainly a male-dominated business world and you will know which tools to deploy.

  • You will learn to do things in a more self-aware manner in relation to your career and goals;
  • You will learn what the effects of implicit communication are;
  • You will discover how the game is played in different environments;
  • You will learn to take issues less personally and to put them into better perspective;
  • You will learn which convictions and biases you have and which work in your favor;
  • You will be given the tools to determine how you can position yourself within an organisation.
Unfortunately I'am not able to come

If you are unable to attend or are unable to attend for COVID-like reasons, please contact us. We will then discuss the options together.

How do you deal with the corona measures?

We also had to adapt to the RIVM measures. We ensure that the space is large enough so that everyone can keep enough distance. We also ask participants who have a cold and/or fever to stay at home. In such a case, we would be happy to receive you another time.

Deduct invoice tax

You will receive an invoice from us including VAT.