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Renate Kruijtzer-Keser and Mirella van den Doel have both been working in the ICT and technical line of business for over 20 years. It turned out that we have a lot of shared ideas about personal effectiveness and leadership. In particular, how we can encourage ambitious women to make their careers more smoothly being able to remain themselves at the same time.

Because of our enthusiasm about this topic combined with what we have experienced during our training and coaching sessions with these women, we started to focus more on this and founded SHERIOUSLY – Female Empowerment.

After we first had shaped our own companies (RenaSense en Doelbewuster) and established a foundation for it, it was time to put ambitious women in the frontline and give it place. Something that is so tangible and happening today. SHERIOUSLY-Female Empowerment- originated from this collaboration.

We recently did a research amongst ambitious women and what they came across during their career in a mainly male-dominated business world and wrote an e-book about it (in Dutch).

Renate Kruijtzer – Keser

Renate is business-like and practical, connects people, is empathetic and enjoys helping others to discover where their talents are and to re-empower themselves. She has worked in the IT sector in various managerial roles for more than 23 years.

Due to her focused training and her own personal development as a business manager, trainer, coach and HR consultant, she gradually learned how to create a better balance between people and organisations. Due to her extensive and wide experience, she now knows what her personal qualities are and where her strength really lies.

Down the years, she has experienced the high level of positive energy she gets when ensuring people and organisations show their best sides and she professionalised and developed further in this.


Mirella van den Doel

Keywords: enthusiastic, positive, sensitive, uses humour and powerful in vulnerability

As a manager of various departments in the technical sector, she has many years (> 20) experience with teams and the individuals in a team. To motivate and stimulate people are things she has done based on her nature and her heart. Gradually, she learnt through many training courses and her personal journey how to apply this in an even more effective manner. This has meant that she came to realise what the power of vulnerability, diversity and openness meant, which resulted in better understanding of what she represented (core values). This insight also meant that her teams became more successful.

She is convinced that every person has all resources in them to get change started. Together finding the various options and tools that she teaches you within this context guarantees this durable transformation. Regardless of whether this is to become more self-confident, have a better work-life balance, or deal with the next step in your career. “You can do it and you don’t have to do it alone.”


Bedankt dat jullie mijn ogen hebben geopend op het moment dat het nodig bleek te zijn. Ik ga aan de slag om meer op mezelf te vertrouwen, voelen wat ik wil, voelen en blijven reflecteren.

Chantal Mathijssen 
Chantal Mathijssen

Deze training is maatwerk, erg interessant en verhelderend. Ik voel mij in mijn kracht gezet en heb de juiste handvatten mee gekregen.

Robin Pot 
Robin Pot

3 Dagen van stilstaan in het voorbij razende leven en investeren in mezelf. Ik ben een stapje dichterbij mezelf gekomen dankzij de veilige omgeving. Dank jullie wel!

Vera Ottink 
Vera Ottink

Last April, as part of the EmpowHER Circles by Philips Women Lead, we partnered with Sheriously | Female Empowerment to create and present the workshop on “Feel the fear and do it anyway -Speak Up!” During the sessions over 170 mentors and mentees globally got the opportunity to discuss the importance of making themselves heard and how to best do this.
Participants were asked to reflect on the challenges that may hold them back. It was inspiring to hear real-life examples and stories from Renate Kruijtzer & Mirella van den Doel, who were able to guide the discussion to do a good analysis and introspection for individuals with regards to unconscious beliefs and fears to overcome. A big thanks to Sheriously | Female Empowerment for their insights and the trigger they gave our participants to discuss this topic further in their circle. We can definitely recommend Sheriously | Female Empowerment for a female empowerment workshop!

Great collaboration of the EmpowHER Circles core team Abirami GanesanManon van de WerkenRenee McGrathAmber LivingstonMelissa LusterSian CardyMonalisha Hazarika, and Alejandra Echenagucia for team-up to win always and raise the bar to further activities of this program.
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Monalisha Hazarika Sr. Supplier Quality Assurance Manager (Business Process Expert) | Philips
Monalisha Hazarika

Renate en Mirella geven deze training met hun hart en dat raakt de kern van waar balans moet liggen. Dat had ik nodig in mijn carrière en privéleven.

Femke Keijzer Managing Director IG&H
Femke Keijzer